Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Q: Why generate markers using a web-based service?

    A: Web-based services reduce the financial risk associated with buying on-premise software, by eliminating software & hardware installations while offering a pay per-use service. With a web-based account, you can reach your markers from any computer as long as it has internet access.

  2. Q: Why choose

    A: is based on Plataine’s world-class marker making capabilities developed over hundreds of man-years and used by over 1,000 customers in the apparel, composites, furniture and transportation industries. is the only web service that offers you a performance-based purchase; you buy only markers that you believe are useful for your business based on initial information of efficiency and length.

  3. Q: What is the meaning of a performance-based purchase?

    A: The unique model of allows you to purchase only the markers you believe are useful for your business. How can you decide? After processing your marker, sends you the efficiency and length of the marker. Once you have reviewed these two parameters, you can decide whether you are interested in purchasing the marker.

  4. Q: How does the service work?

    Step 1: Upload your files.
    Step 2: Fill in the file parameters, such as boundary layer for the DXF files and variant for the MDL files.
    Step 3: Fill in the marker parameters, such as material width and fabric information.
    Step 4: Choose the desired marker quality; Either Ultimate which offers the most optimized marker - or Standard which offers a reduced level of optimization at a lower price.
    Step 5: Submit your request.
    Step 6: Review the result – review the completed marker's length and efficiency.
    Step 7: Purchase based on performance - Satisfied? Add the marker to your cart. Not satisfied? Upgrade to ‘Ultimate’ or use your current marker for this file.
    Step 8: Download purchased marker

  5. Q: Which CAD formats can I upload to

    A: supports multiple formats. The basic format is the DXF format which can be created from most CAD systems. Lectra users can also directly upload MDL format while can read variant information as well.

  6. Q: In which formats does generate markers?

    A: can generate its results in DXF format, which is compatible with most cutting machines & plotters. Lectra users, uploading MDL format, can request an output either in PLX or DXF format.

  7. Q: How many files can I upload per marker?

    A: You can only upload one file at a time to generate a marker, but you can request a number of copies of the same file in the marker.

  8. Q: Is my payment secured?

    A: uses PayPal. With Paypal your financial security is of the highest priority, where your financial info is not shared and is protected with anti-fraud technology.
    For more information visit the PayPal security center.

  9. Q: Do I need a PayPal account?

    A: When purchasing markers at, all you need to have on hand is your credit card. You may use your PayPal account as well but it is not mandatory.

  10. Q: Will my data be secure?

    A: Yes. Not only do we keep our servers in a secure data center, we use the latest data protection systems including firewalls, database level encryption, redundant hard drives and recurring backups of all data.

  11. Q: How long is a free trial?

    A: offers you a free 3-month trial period during which you can run up to 10 markers, either standard or ultimate. If you are interested in an extension, please contact

  12. Q: Are there long-term contracts offered by

    A: We are currently running the as a beta site, and are yet to offer long-term contracts. However, we are interested in receiving your feedback. Please contact us at to inquire about such an option and with other suggestions.

  13. Q: Why don't I receive email notifications?

    A: It is possible that your spam filter is blocking email notifications. We suggest adding to your address book to prevent email notifications from being treated as spam.