About Us

Plataine is a leading provider of production optimization solutions for manufacturers of textile, metal, wood and composite material products. Plataine's production optimization solutions enable manufacturers to be more competitive by increasing material utilization, improving productivity, and shortening manufacturing cycles to ensure on-time delivery of products to customers.

Plataine's solutions are unique in their ability to optimize complex production processes that involve two-dimensional cutting of raw material and the assembly of the cut pieces into a finished product. These solutions were developed over years of intensive research devoted to the optimization of time, cost, and material utilization, and proven through hundreds of successful implementations.

Plataine also offers its FabricOptimizer™ solution for the Apparel, Composite Materials and Upholstery industries. FabricOptimizer™ is part of Plataine’s Integrated Total Production Optimization (TPO) suite, that integrates Plataine’s best-of-class marker-making algorithms with the operational and business aspects of manufacturing to bridge the gap between the CAD system, the ERP/MRP systems and the production floor.
To learn more about this fully integrated solution for dynamic marker making, roll-picking and cut-planning optimization, please visit: www.plataine.com/FabricOptimizerApparel

For more information about Plataine please follow www.plataine.com